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Invasion! Is a light hearted Rp in which Mayhemites must defend the Mayhem Worlds from what ever evil Ba DeGuy can employ.



The invasion is currently set in Pretty-Kitty Gardens due to the high resource of irony there.

Current assignments

The Mayhemites are currently fortifying the Gardens and trying to find inventive way to clear the area of civilians that are reluctant to leave.

The Invasion Transaction

This Rp represents part of the War between Ba DeGuy and Fort Mayhem The war it's self started on Page 511 of the Fort Mayhem Thread when Ba DeGuy murdered Capt. Cheez.

Prelude to the war

Several years previously Ba DeGuy made a successful attempt to destroy a large plot of land in Mayhem territory in The FIGHT Thread for something to Kill! It is not currently known if these events are related to the current situation.

More recently Ba DeGuy appeared in Kylen's Interdimensional Bar and soon other threads. He also appeared at the entrance of Fort Mayhem stating that he was evil and requesting entrance, by chance he was knocked down by a short lived superhero, Super Leed! Ba DeGuy lost his right leg and was rushed to the fort's medical center where Liona Sabarac healed him. He then made his way to the cafeteria and using some A.I. Psychology got R.A.I. hail all Mayhemites associated with the Fort and he then asked them to gather before him for "a conference" it was here that Ba DeGuy announced the war and murdered Capt. Cheez.

Current events

MDM, after learning from DeGuy that he is spread throughout the Mayhem Worlds has confronted the Ba DeGuy in Kylen's Interdimensional Bar and found the help of Kum-El.

Xepharon the character, in light of the invasion, has assumed command of The Fort and has imprisoned the Ba DeGuy present for questioning. He has also authorized the aid of the GUDF (Galactic Union Defense Force) if only to be on standby.

The Fort has found out that the conference in the cafeteria a distraction whist Ba DeGuy teleported The giant still-growing-larger-by-the-freakin-second plant into the Library Basement as it is about to go nuclear the whole fort is being evacuated, and an Author has been called in to minimilise the nuclear exsplosion.

External links

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